The Keep on the Edge of Chaos

Constricted in all the wrong places

"Where's my cat?"

After the Elemental Dragon portal failed to open to the Shadowfell, Grynn and Daar make the decision to post a guard (Pil), and recruit a local band of scrubs to keep the portal warm, thinking that the dissipation of the blizzard ties into the closing of the portal. Perhaps if there was a way to further chill the portal, it would reopen?

As they rounded up the last of their guards, they found a band of fleeing Halflings. The celebration of Avandra’s most sacred holiday has been defiled! Snakes and Yuan-ti have infiltrated the Keep! A mass of snake creatures stood ready to challenge the party at the front gate, but the halflings knew of a secret passage they had discovered opened when they were looking for water for their horse. The party is lead to a secluded bit of forest, and is promptly attacked by a group of pouncing spiders. After Grynn scares off a nasty swarm of spiders by lighting a nearby tree on fire, they find the secret entrance to the Keep. It’s magical wards have been blown off, and Grynn finds evidence that the Yuan-ti are responsible for it.

They enter the keep’s interrogation room to find the Warforged guardians of the keep being corrupted by a ritual from the Yuan-ti. Something had been grafted onto the Warforged that turned them into raging berserker fighters. A tainted crystal perhaps? No one stopped to investigate, but it seems likely. Tiers drops the Snake into a pit with her spectral hand, then the battle starts anew. The dim witted allied Warforge tell you that there was a ritual that corrupted the Golem of the keep, and that it likely happened at the factory, away from the Keep.

The factory being their next destination, the group sneaked past the Golem to reach the top of the Saruun Wizard’s Guild. Kara deftly defeated the warding traps on the vents to allow the party to sneak inside. While there they discern that the portals are used to reach different locations. The mobile portal will be used to return to this Guild House, while the other two lead to places unknown. The familiar cat bravely walks into the portal, disappearing. It seems the portal they found leads to the factory! Success!

The group reaches the factory to see Benwick standing with three guards and lots of crystals. He trips a mechanism and disappears into a portal. The traps slow down the party at first, but they quickly dispatch the guards. Tiers pushes one into the lava with her Rod of Avernus after slaying her cursed foe. The last creature puts up pitiful resistance, and they group then disables the traps. It’s not after Daar gets hit by an inadvertent trap and decides to investigate what lies below. Grynn and Tiers vow revenge against Benwick and hop into the nearby activated portal. The party split, we continued on with the adventure of Daar and Kara.

After descending a twisting staircase, the Dragonborn was constricted in a battle with a large Crushgrip Constrictor in the defiled temple of Erathis. Daar and Kara smack it around, but Daar falls for the first time in battle. He fails to regain consciousness twice before Kara can revive him. Kara falls into a state of walking death, but with her last effort raises Daar once again. He selflessly heals his partner before rejoining the battle. He wounds the large snake once again, but when the two of them fail to put the last hit in quickly enough, Daar falls a second time and can not recover from his wounds. Kara’s duty to protect Daar has failed. He has been slain. Kara puts in one last hit, slaying the snake, but the battle has been lost. She hauls Daar back to the teleportation circle. She will follow after Grynn and Tiers…who we will join next time.

DM Boons.
Kara – You only die twice, again. “After you make a death saving throw, +7 to damage”
Tiers – Lost kitten poster. “The next time your kitten remains within 3 squares an entire battle and survives, +2 to stealth checks for an entire encounter.”
Grynn – Acrobatic Mastery. “The next time you jump acrobatically, +2 on the check.”

LEVEL UP! Everyone is at level 5.
Daar will be replaced. Character yet to be determined. You were on friendly terms with both Drysdale / the Wizard’s Guild. Warforged rebirth is open to Daar, but it might come with a consequence with the Raven Queen, if he wants to continue being the same character. TRQ doesn’t look kindly on cheating death. That is how “raising” works in the setting baring some elaborate quest, Kara the Revenant being the unusual exception.

To keep everyone on an even playing field, let’s change how we’ve been doing magical items. You guys seem happier in a high magic setting anyway. Standardize everyone’s items level please! The scarcity issue is a lot less significant if the entire keep is going to be under attack, and if I’m going to be killing characters in battles now.

I don’t want anyone to end up being screwed in battle because they didn’t have an item they wanted that would have saved their ass. We’ll say you raided the keep’s armory before you headed to the Interrogation Chamber. This is a one time deal, okay? I’m willing to give you a little more in the way of items since you’ve let me raise the stakes in battle. Sound fair?

Everyone can change items.
That’s right, you finally get to go magic item shopping. Go nuts.
You have 4640 GP to spend! That’s enough to afford items of the following level: (4, 5, 5, 6). This is the same as the “Create a higher level character” rules in the PHB. If you want entirely new items, throw away your old weapons. You’ll be able to pick the same things, but these are replacing the items you have now, and are NOT in addition to what you have now. I want equal footing for all characters items from this point on.

If you want to put a lot of gold/wealth into one large expensive item, it can’t be over level 8, and nothing you purchase can be below level 2. (Like, a level 8 + Level 2 item would be okay, and you could afford it, a level 9 item alone, or a level 9 + a level 1 wouldn’t be okay, even if you can afford it. You can’t just buy tons of level 1 item consumable healing potions or something. No duplicates.)

Keep in mind you can only use ONE daily power from ONE item slot per day. (No good switching between a dozen weapons/armors in battle for different dailies. No one has done anything remotely like this yet, but don’t start please.)


Shed not a tear for Daar. He goes to meet his queen. Valiant soldier and true to the end. Kara will have a new charge soon as the Raven Queen cannot release her from her debt just yet.


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