The Keep on the Edge of Chaos

The Fallen's Quest

"Where were you traveling, stranger?"

Daar, acting as the face of compassion for the group, heals the frozen stranger found outside the portal where the rest of the group has made camp. “Tell me of your quest. Why do you seek this portal? Where does it lead? Who were these other fallen that the blizzard dragon so cruelly kept from passing on to the next world?”

“You…follow…the one that calls the Winter Domain home?” he asks, weakly. His voice is weak, but he looks interested in knowing the answer."

“Aye, we follow the Raven Queen,” Grynn answers, “She is the patron of Winter, and Daar and I call her our God. One more of our party does too. Is that why you walked into this blizzard to meet this fate? Were you being given dreams?”

“Very interesting. We’ve been dreaming…all of us,” the man coughs as he points to the others. “We traveled together when we first got the dreams…it was a week ago. We left our camps deep in the Scar to answer the call of The Raven Queen. We were shown where to go, and we failed to reach the portal. Had we only come a few days earlier… Your vision was of our death? We must not have been as fortunate as you… Avandra must have been at your side throughout the storm, for we had no luck in reaching this destination. Every blast of wind, every flake of snow hampered our travel.”

The man begins to cough violently again…“I’m Pil, and my companions and I have been in the Scar for a long time, but have never seen a dragon of this type that can enslave a person’s soul. This creature does not come from this region, but must have been called up from the depths of the Elemental Chaos to serve some destructive purpose. Had I know that this creature was to blame I don’t know if I would have made the call to travel so unprepared. Not all of us were born dragon slayers.”

Pil turns to Daar and Grynn. “You and your party must continue the quest we began. This portal leads to the Shadowfell. I know that much. I fear the crystals are weakening the hold The Raven Queen has over her domain of Winter. Creatures such as these do not arrive in the mortal plane without meddling. Someone serving a dark god called upon these creatures and made a pact of unfathomable evil. Seek the city of Gloomwrought. Her followers call that place home. Befriend the Shadar-Kai, the most loyal of The Raven Queen’s followers. They will aid you…”

Weakened by the battle against the weather, the final bit of strength passes Pil, and he collapses.

META: You can attempt to keep him stable throughout the storm, but it will cost the party a series of checks and potentially healing surges that would otherwise be regained through the extended rest. (He would be a good guide though…might be worth it. Traveling in the Shadowfell without a guide would be exceedingly risky. Don’t delay, while you might have made your endurance checks against forestalling against your quest for the night, Pil is going to be taking huge chance whenever he delays the quest he was given.)

Actions for the mean time? Reactions? Is everyone going to be going on this quest? The surviving Warforged at the Keep should provide enough safety that you can go off and explore without, you know, worrying about the Keeping being razed to the ground or something.



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