The Keep on the Edge of Chaos

10/17 Geared up: Found in ice

"Can we loot that corpse before the guy wakes up?"

From the two encounters, the party discovered:

Dragon scales worth 1075 GP (215 GP each!)
Broken Blue Crystal shards of the Spirit of Winter (Magical, story item)
5 frozen corpses of various origins. None of them have identifying marks you can recognize.

The person you think is stabilized will share information after your extended rest.
(I want to set up the story more firmly in my mind. I need a few days, please.) I’ll have more time to write starting this week. I won’t leave anyone hanging too long.

The remains (corpse) of a Frozen, destroyed Warforged Scout.
The body of the Warforged is not fully robotic. It has a soft interior, and a hard metal like carapace. It was animated by a master Alchemist, that’s for certain. You don’t know anyone able to achieve this fine fusion of both magic, mechanics, and spirit. It’s truly remarkable.

I’m sure you are all bummed about not receiving any new magical toys this adventure. Besides Roland and Kara, did any of you USED magical items last game?

You’ll get magical items, and the chance to buy more stuff back at the keep when you hit level 5. Just track your gold for now. You’ll be due for magical items, and a lot more gold when everything is adjusted at the end of the adventure. Sticking it through an extended trip in the elements will be more profitable than a one session adventure.

DM Boon:
Kara – I was dead, but I got better. – The next time you deal damage after rolling a death saving throw the previous round, you get a +5 DM boon bonus to damage.

Roland – I think this is what pain feels like. – The next encounter you avoid taking damage for an entire encounter, you will receive a one time +5 DM boon bonus to Initiative in the following encounter.

Daar – Pain don’t hurt, get up you pansy. – The next time you heal more than 100 hit points in an entire series of encounters, you can receive a +5 bonus to healing checks on dying team mates during that encounter.

Tiers – Ouch. – The next time you teleport after being surrounded by more than four adjacent enemies, the teleport deals 2 damage in a burst 1 when you leave the space.

Grynn – Second guessing. – The next an ally fails a diplomacy roll, you can allow them to reroll the check with a +2 DM Boon bonus, only if they agree to let you decide the diplomacy outcome.



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