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DM Meta Question: Pace & Leveling

Keeping the bus above 55 mph.

There has been some talk that both couples have run background campaigns to practice tactical and power choices. If people would like home sessions done to countfor some XP, we could level up a little early this time and be at level 3 during the Thanksgiving Week session. The power creep between a better equipped level 2 character and a level 3 character is minimal.

Is anyone opposed to this idea? I was planning on leveling you at a pace of one level per 2 sessions. I felt bad making anyone handwriting their character sheets being forced to go through so much work, and I wanted the build in complexity to be gradual for first time players. Now you have the character builder, so you can spend less time making the character and more time thinking about how to make them more interesting.

Do you feel you have enough of a handle on the game at the moment to handle going a little faster? I can hand out more treasure, be more unforgiving in combat (I still pull my punches from time to time), and generally hope for a sped up tactical encounter if we start leveling up.

Levels 1-3 are kind of like training wheels. I hope you don’t feel like you aren’t being challenged, but once we hit level 4-7 things will get bigger in scale, and things will get more complicated. If you survive until the end of the Heroic campaign, I hope there will be dramatic changes afoot in the world to deal with.

There are lots of power options, tactical choices, magical items, and story elements interacting all at once, so the complexity does increase as we get higher.

Moving to level 3, Yay or Nay?


This sounds good to me Matt. I am fine with any pacing as far as the leveling process goes. As a new player, I am actually surprised at how powerful I feel we are from the start. I think that the number one factor in pacing is your plan for the storytelling. If you have an idea where things are going then, by all means, go as fast or slow as the story requires. I think that a great story, which I feel we have been fortunate to have, is the biggest contributor to my satisfaction with the game.

DM Meta Question: Pace & Leveling

P.S. Roleplaying-wise we could do something where we find trainers in Restwell Keep (perhaps the guard of the keep) to rationalize the increased pace. Just an idea.

DM Meta Question: Pace & Leveling

4e is pretty good at starting off with some awesome abilities and letting you get used to feeling heroic, then kicking it up a few notches. Your options just keep growing every level. It’s great. Once you get near the end of Heroic tier, you are going to start feeling bad for the Monsters because you’ll just have THAT many tricks up your sleeves. That is until I start making my Homebrew customized creatures…well, I’ll just save my ideas for those for now.

  • Cool. Roll up a level 3 character then for the next session. We’ll need to resolve these items and treasure parcels first. *

I’ll adjust my encounters and start speeding up the story. I’ll spend an afternoon over the holiday plotting out the elements so that I can keep things on track. I always need to make sure I have level appropriate enemies throughout the adventures, and that the threats and story conflicts lead to other adventures… I’m sure I’ll be able to keep things interesting.

DM Meta Question: Pace & Leveling

Yay! Level 3! Now…choose your parcel so we can get this going.

DM Meta Question: Pace & Leveling

Now that the items have been settled for everyone but Roland (who isn’t at the table next game), please roll up a level 3 character with your new found treasure.

Tiers should add the “Chaos Scar Implement (Rod)” level 5 magical item to her sheet.

DM Meta Question: Pace & Leveling

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