The Keep on the Edge of Chaos

Frozen stiff - The importance of proper solo encounters.

"Oops, maybe I should have let that guy thaw out."

While preparations are being made for the celebration of Avandra by a group of traveling halflings outside the keep proper, there has been a strange storm on the horizon. Literally. The followers of the Raven Queen, (Kara, Daar, and Grynn) are all haunted by strange dreams that feature strangers all trying, and failing, to reach a portal or destination of great importance to them. These people are all falling still in a blizzard that is parked over a particular location from the keep, around a day’s travel.The storm is so cold that their very souls are frozen and forced to serve a force of nature.

The dream forces the group into action, slowly building to the point where they could no longer focus on their new tasks at the keep. After approaching the halflings, which through Avandra’s grace were given safe passage, there comes a consensus that a bit of tactical reconnaissance is needed.

The party contacts the commanders of the keep to set in motion a plan to send a Warforged Scout to seek information about what could be causing the storm. Not long after, the “snitch” returns carrying the last words of the Warforged, “Spirits, Crystal, Cold. Death.”

The party gears up and prepares to battle both the blizzard and the creatures contained therein. They easily survive the storm’s winds, and quickly reach the crystal that the Warforged mentioned. There is not sign of the Warforged, but scatted remnants of it’s bodies remain strewn around a battlefield in the middle of a blizzard with whipping winds.

Roland and Tiers approach, the representatives of the party not affiliated with the Raven Queen, and attempt some unsuccessful diplomacy in Primordial. The Spirit of Winter isn’t interested in negotiation. It’s more interested in pounding the snot out of the party.

After a touch and go battle, the party emerges victories, but bruised. Roland took damage and managed to stay on his feet from the side of blood. Daar nearly fell, and the party’s teamwork was crucial to avoiding a loss of a party member. Roland collected parts from the Warforged, interesting in trying to decipher the secrets of it’s creation. Others gathered the fragments of the winter crystals to either return them to the Keep, or for curiosity’s sake.

The battle won, The winds opened up a tunnel in what had once been an unpassable storm. The group walked through the tunnel to see a large icy patch guarded by a dragon with corpses laying around it. Behind the dragon was a large portal, something resembling the light that was drawing people in the Raven Queen’s follower’s dreams.

The Blizzard Dragon seems amused with the party’s requests to move, but when Daar brings up their service to the Raven Queen, things escalate, fast. The Dragon’s influence in the region seemed the likely cause for the souls of the fallen being trapped. Something, or someone, called this Blizzard Dragon up from the Elemental Chaos to stop these people from attaining their goal.

The battle with the Blizzard Dragon tested the ability of the party to keep from falling apart when they nearly lose a member. Several times players were one or two hits away from death, only to find their last bit of reserves of energy to push on. Kara was struck a fatal blow and managed to survive by staying on her feet and teleporting away. Tiers fell unconscious casting the spell that finally slew the dragon, but then was healed by Daar before her life was any serious danger.

The party is stuck in the middle of frozen wasteland with a portal sitting in front of them to an unknown destination, and a single survivor from the battle about to give them information about the task he was desperately trying to accomplish before being stopped by the dragon and frozen to the core.


Let me get to that later. I had a headache last night after I went out. I want to plan out the next adventure, and I’ll let you know. You’ll get stuff for what you accomplished already.


Don’t worry about it, take your time. Thanks for the fun adventure.


So what information does he have? I have high diplomacy and we just saved his life.


I had no time today. I’m going to need a few days to write out the next bit, then I’ll post no later than this weekend if I can. Thanks for your interest.


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