The Keep on the Edge of Chaos

Risky Appraisal

The party comes across an unusual sight at the Trading Outpost.

Millen Silvereye is being tortured by goblins over an appraisal he did about an item of some power for their leader. Strung up in a gibbet and being taunted until his eventual death by starvation, he’s been in need of rescue for the past week. The party decides they need to rescue him so they can sell the “Staff of Earthen Might” back to Bosco the Merchant for a mark up.

The Goblins are dispatched with the help of some vultures and luck, Millen is rescued, and performs the “Make Whole” ritual. The last goblin offered up Millen’s eye for his safety, but was roundly slaughtered without much interrogation.

Millen Silvereye appraises the item from the last encounter, then gives the party a map to the cemetery nearby. Items are scattered around. Two party members contract “Filth Fever”.



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