The Keep on the Edge of Chaos

The Shard from Beyond

When tentacles try to love those that do not love them back.

Garrick Blackoak approaches the party, desperate for adventurers. A large portion of his guards were sent out to explore a mysterious glow that could be seen from the Restwell Keep on orders from Peridin Drysdale. They did not return, and feared them lost. Having heard the songs about a group of adventurers slaughtering a band of Bullywugs, he sought to employ them for the Keep.

The band of adventurers, now joined by a fair-minded, but somewhat judgmental Paladin of the Raven Queen, and a strong, silent Revenant Monk guardian ventured to the source of the disturbance, an newly opened cave system covered in strange crystal growths.

After taking a sample of the strange crystals for themselves, the adventurers come across some strange, otherworldly creatures with many tentacles and an insubstantial form. Tiers , wielding psychic energy like a hot knife through mind-raping tentacles, destroyed four of the creatures with nearly no difficulty. One creature tore through one of the survivors, but they managed to save one of the lost guards. He told them to venture deeper into the cave for the other survivors.

The dangerous chuuls nearly ended Grynn’s flirtation with swimming in the water, but after a helpful hand from the Paladin, he was able to put a shot into one of the strange Pulsar creatures and ended the encounter.

As they approached the end of the known cave system, they saw a set of stacked plateaus, with a golem with a shard of the Chaos Meteor in its chest. Roland fired off endless bursts of Magic Missile, while Kara, the Monk, charged up the steps to punch and kick some of the lashing tentacled beasts.

Golem defeated, Chaos Shard in hand, the group of adventurers decide what to do with a material that can fuel the madness they saw. Do they keep it’s power for themselves? Do they destroy it and rid the world of its evil? They know there will be other challenges to face. Perhaps they need to study it?

Do they bring it back to the keep as a trophy of war, or as a hidden booty? Who do they entrust with the information of what happened? How do they explain what happened to Garrick Blackoak, who will need to be briefed on what happened to his men. Who should be told about this Chaos Shard? Where will it be kept, and by whom?

DM Boons:

4 Shots, 4 Kills - Tiers. (+1 Damage for an entire encounter next session.)

Combo Breaker- Grynn (+1 to Initiative roll of next encounter.)


Grynn will definitely vote for keeping the shard secret (perhaps in Roland’s fancy apartment if he’ll keep it), my main goal is to take the news of what happened to Blackoak. Hopefully, with the survivors in hand they will reward us handsomely and allow us an audience with Drysdale.

I think that being in the employ of the government will lend itself to more adventuring and more renown for our group.

The Shard from Beyond

Daar still wants to destroy the crystal. The effects created by it were disturbing and unnatural. He saw the soul eating golem and creatures dragging out death, and they certainly weren’t doing it to honor the Raven Queen. They probably thought the golem was some sort of heathen creature god.

The Shard from Beyond

Tiers wants the shard to be made into an item for either herself of Roland. After living in the shadows, Tiers knows better than to just throw away an item that can be made into something useful.

The Shard from Beyond

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