The Keep on the Edge of Chaos

The Shard from Beyond: Item Discussion

The treasure parcels:

Parcel 1: 100 gp and 200 sp

Parcel 2: Ingredients that make two Potions of Healing and one 100 gp gem

Parcel 3: One level 4 magic item

Parcel 4: The Chaos Shard – Can be crafted into a powerful (Rod, Staff, or Wand.)


Daar will take the crystal and destroy it. The lesser crystal will be given to local clerics for research. If someone wants to contest that, then we can RP it out. He’s not good aligned, but he sees that the crystal has some sort of sway over creatures, so continued exposure might be really bad.


Grynn is drooling at the level 4 item, and if he has to let Daar squander that shard, he will.


I’d like to see how this plays out here. I’m very interested in Roland’s opinion of what should happen to the Chaos Shard. Is Tiers is interested in getting a new rod from it? Roland could get a wand from it instead, if he so chooses.

The Arcane classes have the most to lose by letting the martial and divine classes deciding what to do. The implements that can be crafted sync well with those classes. They should be more vocal about how they will deal with this situation.


Value wise here’s what we are talking about: 1: 102 gp 2: 100 gp of healing + 100 gp 3: 840 gp of item (Robe of Contingency?) 4: Unknown gp item

So, split 5 ways: 67g 33s x1, 17g+heal potion + 33s x2, lvl 4 item, unknown


Yusong said Kara would take 17.33 gold plus a heal potion.


Grynn has his eye on the level 4 weapon. I know what he wants if that is what he ends up with. What do the Arcane casters want?

Are they fine with the destruction of the Chaos Shard fragment? The item they could get from it won’t be offered again. Does Roland or Tiers want the Chaos Shard for their own purposes?


Tiers wants the shard to be made into an item for either herself of Roland. After living in the shadows, Tiers knows better than to just throw away an item that can be made into something useful.


Roland believes that destroying the crystal outright may not be the safest or most advantageous plan. Possibly making the chaos shard into an item would be very useful. As far as I know, the party found someone who is able to disenchant magical items, but not make them. Roland, with the party’s permission, would have to take it to the Wizard’s guild to see what could be gained from it.

Should we also post here what are characters are doing in their downtime?


Did you not see the foul beasts that were drawn to this shard? If you wish to be a target for those creatures, so be it. I will pry the shard item from your lifeless hands and destroy it at that time. Perhaps you will tame it, but more likely it will curse you. I only ask that once you make your item, you cannot sell it or give it away. Do not let it out of your sight. That foul power will not be in the hands of weak peasants under my watch. These are my terms…do you accept?

If they accept, Daar will take the 67.33 gold and keep an eye on whoever gets the crystal item.


Tiers agrees with Roland on taking it to the guild and seeing what they can do for us. Tiers also tells Roland that she would be okay with him taking a crafted item make from the shard if he agrees to somehow favor her in finding who framed her later down the line.

Tiers agrees to Daar’s terms, but scoffs at him.


SO… Daar – 67.33 gold Kara – heal pot + 17.33 gold Grynn – lvl 4 bow of some sort Tiers and Roland – (heal pot + 17.33gold and shard item to RP out) Sound good?


That works. Mechanically, the item you are getting from the Shard greatly favors someone that does psychic damage, so Tiers should end up with the rod. Roland will be given other arrangements when he returns to the table next time from the Guild.


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